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 Photos Year Model  Mileage Description No.
1977 930 Turbo  63,000 Ice Green Metallic / Cork Leather Interior
An exceptional example of an early, non-intercooled 930. This one is in near-perfect, unrestored, stock condition. Previously owned by the Gilmore family and kept at the Gilmore Car Museum. Its 3.0L turbocharged flat-six engine runs like a fine watch and produces all of its orignal 234 horsepower, as should be expected given that it was rebuilt using ARP hardware 20K miles ago. The Turbo Carrera was launched in the USA in 1976 and returned unchanged for 1977, except for larger 16-inch standard size wheels. Car and Driver's 1976 road test recorded a scorching 0-60 time of 4.9 seconds and 0-1/4 mi. in 13.5 seconds. For many, the gut-punch of acceleration from the original 911 turbo is the defining, unforgetable moment in the psyche of Porsche enthusiasts. Porsche produced only 717 USA 930 turbos this year.
1977 930 Turbo
by Andial
 67,000 Royal Purple / Black Leather Sport Seat Interior
No detail was overlooked when this vintage-built 930 was created in Long Beach, California. This ride is hot rod nirvana. Check out the rare Porsche 'Royal Purple' paint and sport seats, custom-built audio system, and sound mixing board. Performance enhancements include a fully adjustable Weltmeister suspension, racing brakes, and an early RUF competition 5-speed transmission. The 3.0L engine has ported twin-plug heads, a 934 12-lead distributer, fuel enrichment system, Andial air-to-air intercooler, fast-spool K29 turbo and strengthened internals. Recently rebuilt by Andial Racing with the addition of 993 race cams and is rated at around 400hp @ 1.1 bar of boost. This free-revving engine now delivers linear power, effectively eliminating the off/on turbo characteristic that predominates stock 930 turbos.
1977 930 Turbo  25,000 Diamond Silver / Lobster Black Sport Seat Interior
Only 25K actual miles with all service records from new. Strong twin plug engine has a genuine 934 12-lead distributor, and factory roll bar. Rear spoiler was updated to the '78+ 930 design to make room for an intercooler. An original '77 spoiler in Diamond Silver and valve housing is available to return it back to original specification. This vehicle has a Porsche Super Carrera, LED Boost Guage. You'll love driving this early-production Turbo Carrera!
1978 930 Turbo  53,000 Mocha Black / Cork Leather Sport Seat Interior
This carefully-driven, two-owner, Northern California car is in beautiful condition. The elegant color combination is enhanced with subtle upgrages, including a period Weltmeister suspension, Marshall driving lights, and coco floor mats (originals included). Porsche made significant upgrades to the 930 in '78 by enlarging the engine to 3.3 liters and adding an air-to-air intercooler that increased power output and torque characteristics. Driving enthusiasts will appreciate the raw character of the early, lightweight, 930's from '78-79. Porsche produced only 451 930 turbos for the USA in the first year of intercooled production. Vehicle ordered with options: Paint T5 Mocha Black, C03 California equipment, 220 Limited slip, 266 passenger side mirror, 409 Sport seats, 650 sunroof, and No radio.
1979 930 Turbo  33,200 Light Blue Metallic w/ Black Sport Seat Leather Interior
Rare and desirable Color 30T. Near mint original from California and sold by us in 2004. Recently traded back in. Still in excellent condition as it was only used as a country driven summer car.
1979 930S
by Alan Johnson Racing
 40,000 Sunburst Yellow / Cork Leather Sport Seat Interior
Original window sticker confirms that this is a paint-to-sample. Sunburst Yellow, color code #173. In 1984, with 27,000 miles, this car was built to slantnose specifications by Alan Johnson Racing. The AJ build included all-steel panels, ducted front brakes (air inlets behind the fog lights), fully-adjustable Weltmeister suspension, Andial intercooler, cams, head porting, euro exhaust, B&B muffler, Sachs racing clutch, 8:41 transmission (freshly rebuilt), and an 80/20 split LSD. This mild-build race engine produces ~350 hp at .85 bar of boost, making it suitable for both street and light-track use. New RSR shocks all around. Previously owned by one of the world's largest car collectors.
1984 Kremer 935
Street K2
 9,750 Guards Red / Grey Beige Sport Seat Interior
This Porsche 935 was custom-built for Mario Andretti by Kremer Racing, the renowned German tuning company that won the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans with their own 935. It comes with documentation stating that this is the finest 935 Street K2 built by Kremer Racing. For more info, see the Original Build Sheet from Kremer GMBH, signed by Manfred Kremer.
1985 930 Turbo by Bob Norwood
 39,000 Guards Red / Cashmere Leather Sport Seat Interior
This rocket-sled was custom built by Bob Norwood Autocraft, a company that holds 137 listings in the Guinness Book of Automotive World Records. The Norwood-developed, 3.5 liter Twin Turbo engine, has up to 550 HP at 1.0 bar on pump gas and was last dynoed at 768 HP with racing gas, as measured at the Norwood shop. Rrecently refreshed with new 100mm JE pistons and liners, rods changed from Cirillo to Pauter, heads changed to new casting billet heads by Extreme, and engine management controls changed to Motec coil on plug. This 930 is in outstanding condition with a near perfect original interior.
1987 930
 58,000 Silver / Recaro Seats and Custom Interior
Road versions of the 993 GT2 race car were never offered by Porsche in the USA. This is your chance to own a 930 that has been upgraded to look and perform like a GT2. Over $160K went into the engine, brakes, wheels, suspension, 5-speed G50-50 transmission, custom leather interior, and sound system. The Garrett T70 turbocharged engine was dynoed at 738HP, which is more than the factory offered for the 57 993 GT2 road cars they built to meet the GT2 race class regulations. With this Porsche, you will be able to carve roads as easily as you can exercise supremecy at trackday events.
1988 930 Turbo
 51,000 Red /Black Interior
This retromod has the best of the best—a '79 935 developed suspension, a modified '97 993 twin turbo motor by Steven Casper of Imagine Auto, fuel cell and system, and so much more. It was thoughtfully developed over many years by the same owner to its current build. Excellent show and driving condition.
1989 930S Turbo
 145,000 Guards Red / Black Leather Sport Seat Interior
Impeccably maintained factory slantnose convertible. All original paint is still in perfect condition. The flat-six was rebuilt @98K by Eurosport racing in Chicago and enlarged to 3.4L to develop 472 crank HP. The engine has modified heads and CIS injection with an additional fuel enrichment system. Upgraded internals include Carrillo billet rods and race cams. It also has a rebuilt 5 speed G50-50 transmission, new clutch, and all new wear items in the suspension. Looks show condition and drives like an original low mile example, except more fun with the extra power.
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